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Humble Beginnings / Present Reliability / Exciting Future

How it all began....


Jim and Terry Hartley were born and raised in Mobile, Alabama.  Growing up, each had a natural ability of wood working.  First working with their dad in the family barn, on a dirt floor, with old hand tools which helped them develop the eye for quality which would serve them well for years to come.  

Today's company focus....


Over the years, the customer has always been the main focus of Hartley Brother's Manufacturing.  Keeping this focus has helped the brothers develop, and maintain, excellent relationships with valued clients.  Many of these clients have come to know Harbros as the go-to supplier for quality custom cabinetry and other millwork.  

Today, Harbros serves many industries from the medical facilities to restaurants.  


How it All Began...

  • Started by Jim and Terry Hartley (history pic)

  • Maybe a little history of work prior to HBM?

  • 2 brothers and a dream of being in business

  • Humble beginnings in a shop on a dirt floor

  • Started as a hobby in 19XX

  • Began as a furniture production business

  • Include all of the industries that have been served

  • Over the years, have developed reputation as the go-to for all cabinetry needs

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