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Humble Beginnings, Present Reliability & Exciting Future


How it all began....

Jim and Terry Hartley were born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Growing up, each had a natural ability of working with their hands which led to building gun cabinets, night stands, and much more. First working with their dad in the family barn, on a dirt floor with old hand tools, to building a manufacturing facility which has been in operation since 1983.


Today's company focus....

Since 1983, Hartley Brothers has kept their customers the main focus within every day company operations. This focus has helped the brothers develop, and maintain, excellent relationships with many valued clients over several decades. These clients have come to know Jim and Terry as the go-to supplier for Premium Custom Millwork in the greater Mobile, AL area and all over the Gulf Coast. Today, there are valued customers in several states stretching across the southeast. We still maintain the same focus as we move forward.


The future with innovation....

Harbros MFG is moving forward with new innovative ways to design and produce the best products for our customers. Utilizing programs such as Cabinet Vision and SolidWorks within our design team, we are constantly looking for new ways to assist our customers with bringing their vision to reality. This, combined with new CNC technology in the production facility, will help increase our capabilities in today's ever-changing environment. All this is to ensure we are producing the best quality products for our customers.

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